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Training Days

The Fetch Theatre - Training day
The Fetch Theatre - Training Day
The Fetch Theatre - Training day

The Fetch Theatre offers both training days and masterclasses in puppetry. They cover the use of Bunraku style puppets, Shadow play and Object theatre. Artistic director Purvin, demonstrates clearly the techniques required to manipulate many forms of puppetry.


These workshops are structured so that everyone feels they have covered and explored fully the art of puppetry. Groups are also let loose to explore, devise and play with an amazing array of puppets and props with reasurance that an expert is at hand to guide, answer questions and inspire.


Puppetry is a profound tool that can both entertain and teach, therefore participants usually come from all theatrical and educational backgrounds. If you are in search of new ways to inspire your audience or classroom; or simply want to learn something different, then contact us. You can join our next Training Day or book a Masterclass for you and your group. 


"The day was peppered with learning and all of it incredibly useful, so many ideas and skills passed on, It has inspired me! I will now definitely use puppetry in my future work." - Beth House (Taking Flight Theatre)

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