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The Fetch Theatre - Trench cow
The Fetch Theatre - Trench cow
The Fetch Theatre - Trench cow
The Fetch Theatre - Trench cow

Over the years we have produced Residencies within many communites and educational establishments. By working with people for longer, we feel that we can have a deeper artistic impact.


By collaborating with the community, we can create projects that genuinely celebrate the local culture, building a platform for creativity to shine.


In March 2015 we worked with the Assembly Rooms in Ludlow to bring together a community group of young people and adults, who were interested in puppetry.


This gathering then produced "Trench Cow", a play that celebrated the contribution that overseas troops from the Punjab made during the first world war. 


This show was a massive success and all involved gained a great deal from the experience.


"Living in a small town like Ludlow, it is not often that you get to work with people from other ethnic backgrounds. Or get the chance to be involved in something so different . This play has given me so much!"Lucy Ingram  (volunteer performer)


We are always willing to find new partners, within our region and beyond, who may be interested in helping us develop such Residencies and look forward to any ideas, large and small.



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