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Back touring again in December 2021 and February 2022, contact us if you would like to book a show and check out the touring pages if you would like to see a show.

Inspired by a traditional Nordic story, "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" is a spellbinding tale of adventure, mystery and romance, featuring a magical white bear, a young girl and a troll.

A young peasant girl leaves the safety of home to travel into the wilderness on the back of a bear who takes her deep into the forest to his home - a beautiful ice cave …..


Our feisty heroine’s adventures take her to a mystical place, a place of dreams, secrets revealed and the end of her quest - her love lost or found?


A tale told without words, the performance is tightly choreographed to a beautiful soundtrack, enabling us to explore Nordic music both contemporary and traditional. The influence of Nordic compositions will appeal to all types of audiences and introduce younger audiences to new musical styles. The rhythms of the music influence the puppetry, as visual theatre and music weave seamlessly together to create powerful and stunning theatre.


Funny, anarchic, moving and beautiful, the story transports audiences as they engage with the puppets and take an emotional journey with them. 


This show has toured throughout the UK and has headlined festivals in Prague and Portugal, receiving high praise and often standing ovations.




Nozstock Festival:

“A truly magical experience. A time to sit back and allow yourself to BELIEVE."

Ali Campbell (Theatre manager)


Ludlow Junior School:

“Beautiful, moving, spell binding. Please, please, please come again! We need to expose our pupils to quality theatre like this as much as possible! “


Prague Fringe Festival, extract of Prague Post:

“This is a beautiful production that will stir your heart and maybe even make it skip a beat”


Kielder Centre:

“Fantastic show – thank you so much. All the pupils loved the story, which was accessible to all, including pupils with language difficulties. Wonderful storytelling and art work – a real inspiration.”


Sunfield School:

“It was amazing to see our students engaged and mesmerized by the performance and the workshop. The experience is priceless and we couldn’t be happier or more thankful to Purvin for making these two days unforgettable and blissful.”

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