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An intriguing, fun and interactive street puppet booth experience.... with popcorn! Perfect for festivals and community events.


What is it?


Clapper Box is a curious, participative puppet event featuring small-scale theatre booths, a lot of random objects and wonderfully written quirky adaptations of classic movies.


The public is both puppeteers and audience, sitting on either side of each mini-stage. They wear headphones through which they either receive directions or hear the story. This is a highly imaginative show, ‘playing’ with household objects whilst creating a new perspective on interactive theatre and storytelling.


It is a combination of puppetry and object manipulation, that is entertaining for both the performer and the audience. The stories/playlets are all linked to famous films to tie in with ‘Flicks in the Sticks’. Each audience member will be presented with a small cone of popcorn, a fun addition to the experience!




Ledbury Festival:

“Clever, fun and totally different. My teenage girls played the boxes all day long.

They loved it!”


Nozstock Festival:

“Yet again another amazing show from The Fetch, this one is perfect for festival audiences.”


Aymestry Village Fete:

“I have not laughed so much in ages, I never thought I would see my husband with a colander on his head.”


Brampton Bryan Scarecrow Weekend:

“I am a school teacher and was blown away by it's educational potential”


Llanwarne Fete:

“I have been three times to Clapper Box and played them all twice. I have joined a drama group. I want to be an actor” - Age 10


Michaelmas fair Bishops Castle:

“I was totally moved by the titanic box, it cost millions to make the film, but watching my wife perform it brought a tear to my eye. I had no idea how moving it would be”

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