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Past shows
Cloth of the World

Taking inspiration from the Mappa Mundi housed at Hereford Cathedral, this show takes its audience on an inspirational journey into the world of the mysterious map. There, the audience meets a love struck monk, a mysterious scribe, a mermaid, a gold digging ant and many more fabulous medieval characters. The play finally reveals how and why the map was drawn.

This show mixes mask, puppetry and animation and is still touring to community venues and schools.


"As ever, something really special from The Fetch.  A spectacular and inspiring show, beautifully weaving together history, mythology and storytelling" - Steve Boffy, Festival Stage Manager (Beeline Festival, University Of Worcester storytelling festival for Children)

Trench Cow
The Fetch Theatre - Trench cow

This community play celebrated the huge contribution that soldiers from the Punjab made during WWI. It told the story of two young rural lads, one from the Punjab the other from Shropshire, who grew a close friendship while caring for a cow in their trench.


The show was staged at Ludlow Assembly rooms. It was performed by pupils from Ludlow junior school, the youth centre and adult members of the community.


"This show brought a diverse group of people together, and truly celebrated each and every individual involved. Brilliant!" - Ludlow Assembly Rooms

O Gigante (co-production with Teatro Montemuru)
The Fetch Theatre - O Gigante

Created and devised in Portugal, this is the story of a young girl who wants to play football for her country. With the help of her community, a hive of bees and a mountain giant, she is given the impetus to make her dream come true.


With a cast of four puppeteers, this show has toured twice in venues all over Portugal and Spain. We are looking for funds to create a tour of it in the UK.


"This show has been a great success in Portugal. We have now decided to take it out once again for a second tour" - Paulo George (Teatro Montemuru)  



The White Church Moon
The Fetch Theatre - The white church moon

This community play was created and devised during a two week residency at Whitchurch School, where pupils both rehearsed and made puppets for the production. The show was based on local folklore and culminated in two street shows at the Blackberry fair. It was performed by the pupils of the school and adult members of the community.


"This whole event inspired everyone involved. The Fetch has had a massive impact on our school and community." - Jenny Matthews (Sir John Talbot School)



This one woman show celebrated through puppetry the 'her-story', of Burlesque. It explored the lives of five infamous Divas who fought to celebrate their sexuality. This fabulous show was for adults only and proved to audiences that puppetry is not just for kids.


The show topped the bill at our Puppet Extravaganza Festival to rapturous applause. 


"Sumptuously seductive, five amazing ladies portrayed through puppetry"- Ludlow Assembly Rooms



The Fetch Theatre - Taboola
Basant Lahore
The Fetch Theatre - Basant Lahore

Working with professional Pakistani poet Muza Tirimazi , this show mixed poetry and puppetry together in order to celebrate the lives of people who live and work in a street in Lahore. The Play was set during the annual Basant kite flying festival.


The show premièred at the Ledbury Poetry Festival and went on to tour throughout the region, London and Bradford.


“My son has never been to Pakistan, thank you for creating a show that could take him there” - Mica Gallery (London)


Discovering The Ramayana

This show was inspired by an overseas research grant from ACE that enabled three members of the Fetch to see and study traditional theatrical representations of the Ramayana in India.


This work culminated in an interactive touring performance, where young people performed scenes and operated puppets along side the professional actor. The show visited schools and community centres both in the rural and urban West Midlands. Various residencies and workshops inspired by the Ramayana have also since been delivered.


"A wonderful cultural experience delivered with beautiful puppets. All involved enjoyed evey espect of the day immensely" - Stuart Currie (Worcester University)



The Fetch Theatre - Discovering the Ramyhana
The Grateful Crane
The Fetch Theatre - The Grateful Crane

This highly successful one person show was based on a Japanese folk tale. The Grateful Crane was performed over sixty times, appearing at festivals, schools, community and youth centres. It also toured to ten village schools in the Punjab.


“The rural children had never seen anything like it before. At the end it was hard to stop them clapping” - Dr Mahindra Kumar (University of the Punjab)


Maze Of Minos

Based on the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, this two handed show mixed puppetry, mask and shadow play to bring Greek Mythology to life for school and community venues. 


"Our audience thought it was brilliant" - Wigmore Village Hall



The Fetch Theatre - Maize of Minos
A Right To Passage
The Fetch Theatre - A right to passage

Guided by the Midlands Traveller Educational Support Team and local Traveller groups, this magical show celebrated Traveller culture and history both locally and globally. It toured into schools, community venues and Traveller gatherings.


"Challenging, inventive with something for everyone- extremelly worth while" - West Midlands Traveller Educational Support Network)



Masque Of The Red Death

Based on an Edgar Alan Poe story, this show toured to young adults and took them into the murky world of substance abuse. With the invaluable advice of Herefordshire Substance Misuse Team, a plethora of striking puppets and staging that spun the audience like waltzer cars, this show was a massive successes and was brought back for a second tour.


"A tour de force of total theatre" - The Stage

The Fetch Theatre - mask of the red death
Land Of The Five Rivers
The Fetch Theatre - Land of the five rivers

The company's first show was co produced with Teatro Montemuru. This tri-lingual show toured both in the UK and Portugal, with British, Portuguese and Punjabi performers, and was based on the Punjabi tale of Rasalu.


"This was the most wonderful and beautiful cultural experience we have ever seen, please come back again" - Promoter (Asian resource centre woolwich)

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