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The Fetch Theatre are delighted to be going back on the road with Pedlar's Tales!

(Check out the tour dates)

Pedlar's Tales!

An intriguing, fun and interactive storyteller’s performance... featuring puppets, music and a mysterious traveller!

The storyteller weaves a magical spell and draws you into a fantastical world bringing past local events bursting into life in this fabulous show with music, featuring a host of beautiful puppets.
Bite-sized stories contained in a quirky cart have been inspired by fascinating historical documents and objects from Herefordshire Archives and the incredible Folk-Lore of Herefordshire gathered by Ella Mary Leather. 

Michaelmas Fair committee - "People I spoke to were absolutely blown away by the amazing puppets and the shows. For me, it was wonderful watching the awe struck faces of some of the children in the audience. I hope that what they saw will stay with them for a long time.


This is an engaging performance for families suitable for indoor and outdoor venues, festivals and community events. The show can be performed episodically enabling audiences to dip in and out as the stories are performed throughout the day or, sit down, relax and enjoy all the stories performed together as ‘Silver Joan’s’ tales unfold.


The Fetch Theatre has gathered 7 wonderful, new short stories from audience members responding to Pedlar's Tales 

The stories were collected following The Fetch Theatre performances of Pedlar’s Tales in 2019 and were told to us by audience members in response to the magical tales framed within our show. Please click on the following stories to see the videos.

Here is our first story for you to enjoy 'The Moped That Outran a Ghost.’


The second story from our collection is 'The Impossible Coincidence.' 

Our third short story this week is called 'Four Sisters and a Packet of Candles.' 

Our fourth mysterious tale is 'The Punk Hitch-hiker'  

Our fifth story tells of a very strange occurrence in Ludlow: 'The Woman with the Magical Beehive'

The 6th tale features an escapade on Hergest Ridge  'The Car Dwelling Trogs'

Our final story hails from Mordiford  'The Ghostly Congregation'

A BIG thanks to all audience members who shared their stories. We have loved hearing all your wonderful tales! 



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