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The Fetch has called upon many volunteer helpers and student placements over the years who have hugely enriched our work. We see both their commitment to us and our desire to encourage them as our life blood.

The company is based in the rural West Midlands and views the cultural enrichment of people from rural communities as vital to our creative mission.


If you want to get involved in any aspect of our work, please get in touch! 


 "Working for The Fetch provided me with the chance to grow within a friendly pofessional environment" - Sophie Goddin (Hereford college of art)

"A great and valuable learning experience" - Leanne  (Worcester University).

"I would recommend it to any young artist with a passion for theatre. A truly fantastic experience! " - Ruby Gibbens (UWE Bristol) 

"I have discovered an untapped curiosity and love for performing with puppets, under Purvin's guidance and explored the power to tell stories from the South Asian subcontinent, connecting universally with audiences of all ages!" - Uzma Kazi (LIPA)

"I felt very enriched and inspired to have been amongst so much creativity. Purvin is a wonderful artist, he is very patient, and his enthusiasm is infectious". - Suzie (Aberystwyth University) 


"I was given exciting and creative jobs and  felt like a member of the team from day one!"  - Louie Lawley (Ludlow school)

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